European Institute Eduardo Benot of Juridical, Social and Health Sciences is a Diagrama Foundation’s space dedicated to training professionals and volunteers either from the Foundation or from other affine entities, as well as students, teachers and any other person interested in completing their knowledge.

Therefore, the Institute constitutes a virtual academic centre that offers courses of several subjects and levels in order to promote and facilitate a continual and updated training, especially in those fields related to Juridical, Social and Health Sciences.

Key Words

Children, young people, juvenile justice, looked after children, prevention, educational intervention, psycho-social competence, first reception, judicial measures, organised groups, detention, extrajudicial measures, school bullying, therapeutic intervention, probation, immigration, children’s legislation, family, intergenerational mediation, sport activities, new technologies, professional guidance, social and employment intervention, gender approach, integration, curriculum adaptation, training resources, professional resources, distance learning, learning, employability, healthy habits, dietetics, nutrition, infant development, disability, substance misuse, mental health issues, offenders, ex prisoners, safety and care, health, health care intervention, elderly people, day centre, residence, sanitary services, health care assistance, therapy, psychology, cooperation, development, project management, statistics, social research, training, data protection, ISO quality management, health and safety, emergency plan, evacuation, road safety, first aid.

My Courses

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If you do not have a password yet or have forgotten it, please, contact the training department through the attached form. Thank you.

Internal Training

The professionals and volunteers from Diagrama Foundation or partnering entities, once registered, will directly access the available courses.